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How to Add Metal Wall Highlights to a Kitchen

Carter Oosterhouse shows how to cut and install corrugated metal sheets to brighten up a kitchen.

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  • Time


  • Price Range

    $250 - $500

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Step 1: Measure and Trim the Metal Sheets

Determine the height needed for the metal wall. If trimming the sheets is necessary, an easy way to get all the pieces cut to the same height is to stack them up on top of each other and use a jigsaw to trim them.

Step 2: Attach the J-Channels

Place J-channels on the top and bottom of where the corrugated metal will slide in. If there are any light switches or outlets in the area, hold the metal to the height it will sit and mark the area to cut out. Cut and remove the piece using a jigsaw.

Step 3: Place the Metal Wall

Slide the metal walls into the J-channel. Make sure that both the top and the bottom are inserted before sliding them in.

Step 4: Attach the Metal Wall

Once all the corrugated metal is installed, screw them to the actual wall using truss-head screws. Measure the center of each sheet and drill screws 9-inches from the top, 32-inches from the top and 58-1/4 inches from the top.