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How to Add Finishing Touches to a Portico

Host Fuad Reveiz shows how to create column capitals and bases and also shows how to add a coat of paint.

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create fluted columns for a portico

Step 1: Create the Base

To create the base around each column, measure three sides of the post. Transfer these measurements to a 5" base trim molding. Cut 45-degree angles on the molding for the corners.

Step 2: Join the Pieces Together

Add wood glue to the corners of three sides of the molding, and join pieces together. Assembling three pieces will allow you to dry-fit the pieces and check the angles. Add the three pieces to the column.

add wood glue to corners of three sides of molding

Step 3: Attach the Last Piece

Measure for the last piece. Cut, test fit, glue and nail it to the other three pieces of molding.

attach last piece of molding

Step 4: Nail the Unit

Use a torpedo level to make sure the entire trim box sits level on the post -- not the porch. Nail the entire unit to the column using the trim nailer.

Step 5: Create the Capital

Create the capital at the top from 1 x 4 stock. Clamp a board to the work surface, and use a router to cut a decorative edge into the wood to create an ogee profile.

Step 6: Nail the Sides

Measure the sides of the columns, and cut on the miter saw. Nail them into place.

nail sides into place on columns

Step 7: Add Top Capitals

Add the trim pieces against the canopy underside. Add the trim around the top of both columns to add top capitals.

Step 8: Caulk the Seams and Corners

Fill all the holes with indoor/outdoor wood spackling. Caulk all the seams along the base and capitals -- and caulk the corners of the 1" trim.

close the beam

Step 9: Sand and Paint the Columns

Sand the spackled areas and paint the columns, capitals and bases. Add multiple coats of paint as needed.

paint columns, capitals and bases