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How to Add Baseball-Themed Wall Treatments to a Kid's Room

Learn how to outfit a kid's room in full baseball regalia.

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  • Time

    Several Weekends

  • Price Range

    $500 - $1,000

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Create a Plan

The project begins with a simple drawing of the space to map out the floor plan. If you want to get more sophisticated, you may want to try some of the room-planning software programs available for personal computers. These allow you to quickly create three-dimensional computer simulations of the room you're planning.

project begins with simple drawing of space

Step 2: Paint the Walls

With a solid plan formulated, prep work for the remodel can begin. Remove the closet doors. Paint the top half of the walls. It is not necessary to paint the entire walls since wood paneling will later cover the lower portion of them.

Step 3: Prepare the Wood Paneling

Select the wood paneling to go on the walls. This example uses 4'x8' plywood panels with vertical grooves. Pre-stain the panels prior to installation. The paneling provides the room with a greater feeling of height, and a durable surface suitable for the kind of wear that kids can create. Taking into account the existing 3-1/4" inch base molding and 2" border, make vertical cuts in the panels as needed. Take into account the existing electrical outlets and any unusual angles of the room.

prepare wood paneling

Step 4: Cut Around the Outlets

To accommodate the existing outlets, trace an outlet cover-plate onto cardboard to make a template. Then cut out the template using a utility knife, and then trace onto the paneling at the appropriate measured locations. The holes for the outlets should be cut in the paneling using a jigsaw.

trace outlet cover plate template onto cardboard

Step 5: Attach the Wood Paneling

Fasten the panels to the existing drywall using both adhesive and finish nails (Image 1). Place the nails at 2-foot intervals. Use a nail-set and wood putty to conceal the nail heads. Cut corner molding to size and install using finish nails. Install trim molding around the edge of the windows (Image 2).

Step 6: Install the Molding

Install the molding at the top of the panels. Cut the molding into 18-inch segments and install all the way around the room. In this example, the height of the molding was 8-1/2 feet -- 6 inches below the ceiling.

install molding at top of panels

Step 7: Add Decorative Touches

Install miniature bats in an "X" pattern at regular intervals above the paneling. Pre-drill nail holes in the bats, and fasten the bats to the wall using 3-1/2" nails. Pre-drill baseballs and affix them to the wall with double-sided screws.

add decorative touches