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How to Add Acid Stain to a Concrete Floor (page 2 of 2)

Applying acid stain to a concrete floor can add dramatic marbling and give a depth of color not available in any other type of floor. These step-by-step instructions show DIYers how to obtain great results.

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Step 5: Neutralize the Stain

Neutralize the hydrochloric acid stain on the floor by spraying the floor with a mixture of four parts water and one part ammonia. Apply this ammonia-water mixture with a clean two-gallon plastic pump sprayer.

Step 6: Clean the Floor

Allow the floor to dry again and thoroughly clean the floor using a clean mop. Vacuum up any extra water and allow the floor to completely dry before sealing.

clean floor using clean mop and vacuum up water

Step 7: Seal the Floor

Sealing the floor protects the concrete from food and everyday wear as well as enhancing the color of the acid stained floor. Many kinds of concrete sealers can be used on the floor. In this case a clear high gloss water-based sealer was used. Applications differ with the type of sealer so be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Using a paint roller, apply the sealer to the floor. Apply the sealer in multiple thin coats rather than one thick coat to ensure a better bond. Reapply the sealer until you reach the desired finish, usually two coats will suffice.

sealing floor protects stained concrete

Step 8: Remove the Masking and Reinstall the Trim Work

After the floor has completely dried for 24 hours, remove the masking paper and reinstall the trim work.

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