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How to Add a Decorative Cupola to a Garage

This 6' copper-top cupola will add elegance and beauty to the roof of a garage.

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copper top cupola part of exterior facelift
  • Time


  • Price Range

    $500 - $1,000

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Measure the Roof Pitch

The cupola has a flat bottom and must be modified to fit the roof. To find the roof pitch, screw two pieces of 1x together then lay it on top of the roof. When the edges meet, screw in a second screw. Transfer the angle to a piece of craft paper.

determine roof pitch to modify cupola

Step 2: Apply the Template

Determine the center of the cupola, line the center tip of the template up with the center of the cupola. Move it down until the edges of the craft paper run off the corners of the corner detail. Use a jigsaw to cut saddle in base.

use jigsaw to cut saddle in base

Step 3: Secure to the Roof

To secure the saddle to the roof, use green treated 2 x 4 cleats nailed directly into the roof on two sides of the saddle. Nail the saddle to the 2 x 4 cleats and secure the cupola together with plenty of nails. Make sure that the vent is lined with a screen to keep out bats and insects.

secure saddle to roof with 2X4 cleats