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How to Accessorize a Patio

A few extra touches can take a new patio to another level.

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Step 1: Add a Fireplace

A pre-fabricated fireplace is easy to install and goes just about anywhere on the patio. These come in several large pieces, so count on asking for help to unload and assemble the fireplace. Have a pro connect it to a gas line or simply hook up a propane tank to get things sizzling.

Never work with a natural gas line yourself — always have a qualified professional handle any gas work. If you think you have a gas leak, leave the area and call your utility's emergency hotline immediately.

Step 2: Add Landscape Lighting

Low-voltage lighting adds a lot of ambiance without adding a lot to the budget. Hang outdoor pod lights from a bar and set path lights around plants and the patio. Consider solar-powered path lights; they don't just save energy, they're a snap to install yourself.

Step 3: Install Misters

With a new, safe set-up, waterproof misting fans connected to a pump system spray water further without risk. Water and electricity don't mix. Never simply hook up an electric fan to a water supply to make a mister. Instead, use a system designed to work with water for a safe and comfortable oasis.

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