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Tools & Materials

Baking soda
Clear repair tape
Cat litter
Polyurethane glue
Spoon or plastic card

Tips for Household Repairs

TIP: Here are four fixes no home should be without.

#1: Vinegar and Baking Soda

Clean brickwork.

Remove mildew.

Unclog drains.

TIP: It’s easier on pipes than commercial mixtures.

#2 Clear Repair Tape

TIP: Use indoors or out, even around moisture and in full sun.

Patch cracked vinyl siding.

Fix cracked auto taillight.

#3 Cat Litter

Soak up oil.

Add traction to icy steps or driveway.

TIP: Carry cat littler in trunk in winter in case you get stuck in ice or snow.

To dry out wet cell phone, wrap in cloth and bury in cat litter overnight.

#4 Polyurethane Glue

Repair broken pavers and tool handles.

Reset loose ceramic tiles.

TIP: Make sure surfaces are dry and clean.