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Here's How: Outdoor Dining Table

How to build a striking outdoor table from two urns and lumber

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Step 1: Cut the Table Supports

Notes: If you’d rather not cut the wood yourself, lumberyards and home supply stores can cut the boards to your desired lengths for a modest fee. Choose urns tall enough (26 to 28 inches) to serve as table’s base. We used strong, durable fiberglass urns. The height of the urns will determine both the height of the table and the height of the benches.

Set aside 11 of the 6-foot lengths of 2x4 boards for the tabletop. Measure, mark and cut two 38-1/2-inch lengths from remaining boards for table supports.

Step 2: Arrange the Boards

Arrange the tabletop boards on work surface with 2-inch sides touching and ends aligned. Clamp boards together across width if desired.

Step 3: Position the Table Supports

Measure and mark a line across width 12 inches from each end of boards; place a 38-1/2-inch table support perpendicular to tabletop boards at each line.

Step 4: Screw the Pieces Together

Drill a pilot hole through supports and each tabletop board (22 holes total). Screw pieces together to make tabletop.

Step 5: Prime and Paint the Tabletop

Sand all surfaces. Wipe off dust with tack cloth. Apply two coats of primer to all surfaces of tabletop, letting dry, then lightly sanding and wiping off dust after each coat. Apply two to three coats of paint to all surfaces of tabletop, letting dry, then lightly sanding and wiping off dust after all but the last coat.

Step 6: Position the Urns and Tabletop

Place urns about 2-1/2 to 3 feet apart; center tabletop over urns between the supports.

Produced By Donna Talley
From Decorating with Style Magazine
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