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How to Install Drywall (page 2 of 2)

While hanging drywall takes some practice, it doesn't require many tools and is fairly straightforward. Learn how to properly hang drywall in your home.
Excerpted from Do It Yourself Home Improvement

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Place First Sheet of Drywall in Middle of Stud

What You'll Need to Do:

Install Corner Bead

Measure the height of the wall. Cut the metal corner bead to the required length (Image 1).

Bend and cut the metal bead to shear it (Image 2).

Nail the corner bead in place at least every 12 inches (Image 3).

Apply joint compound to the corner, covering the corner bead and feathering out (Image 4).

After the compound is dry, apply a second coat of compound (Image 5).

Tape an Inside Corner

Apply joint compound to the inside corner using a 4-inch knife (Image 1).

Smooth the compound out, feathering it in place (Image 2).

Apply the joint compound to the other wall (Image 3).

Cut drywall tape to length, and crease the tape along the seam. Firmly adhere the tape to the length of the corner (Image 4).

Smooth the tape in place, and apply joint compound to the paper, feathering out (Image 5).

When the joint compound is dry, sand any ridges from the face of the drywall (Image 6).

Apply the second coat of joint compound to the corner (Image 7).

Feather the compound out to provide a smooth finish (Image 8).

Fill Screw Holes

Apply compound to every screw or nail hole in your drywall panels to fill the holes (Image 1).

When dry, apply a second coat of compound to smooth out the finish (Image 2).

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Excerpted from Do It Yourself Home Improvement

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