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Halloween Decoration: How to Make a Lawn Skeleton (page 2 of 2)

This Halloween, build a few of these creepy, but happy skeletons to fill your front yard. It is an easy woodworking project, perfect for beginners.

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Attach the Head and Neck

You'll need to find the center of the head in order to position the neck. To do this, place a framing square near one edge, with one side of the square flush against the edge of the head. Mark a line across the width of the circle.

Position the square flush with this first line and mark lines perpendicular to it across the width of the head.

Using the square as a guide, mark diagonal lines across the width of the head point to point where the marked lines meet the edge of the head. Where the diagonal lines intersect is the center of the head (image 1).

Position the square flush against and perpendicular to the first line and mark a line across the head. Use this line as a guide for marking the position of the neck where it is to be attached to the head (image 2). Cut 45-degree angles on one end of the neck. Attach the neck to the head using glue and 2" deck screws (image 3). Drill countersunk pilot holes for the screws.

Attach Arms to the Neck

Position the back of the head and neck assembly on your work surface and attach the arm assemblies to the neck using 1-1/4" pocket-hole screws only (images 1 and 2). You'll be able to remove the arms to make it easier to store the skeleton (image 3).

Add Finishing Touches

Apply a coat of primer and white paint to the entire skeleton, except for the bottom of the neck. Allow to dry. Use image 1 as a guide for painting the face on the head. Mark the positions of the features using a pencil and apply painter's tape to the edges of the features (image 2). Paint on the features using black paint (image 3).

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