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How to Paint a Gold-Leafed Fireplace

A rich coat of paint and gold-leaf accents add a dash of panache to the Victorian-era fireplace.

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paint a gold leafed fireplace
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    $50 - $100

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Step 1: Paint the Fireplace

Paint fireplace with latex paint in an eggshell finish.

paint fireplace with latex paint

Step 2: Apply Water-Based Wunda Size

Apply water-based Wunda size to detailed parts of the fireplace (such as the floral medallion, in this example).

apply water based wunda size to detailed parts

Step 3: Apply Gold-Leaf

Apply gold-leaf over areas covered by Wunda size, then tap gold-leaf with detailed brush.

Pull parchment paper off and brush away any excess gold.

apply gold leaf over areas covered by wunda size

Step 4: Apply Aging Glaze

Apply aging glaze all over fireplace including gold leaf highlights and wipe off with cheesecloth (Image 2) to create definition.