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Tools & Materials

Tire pressure gauge
US penny
Brake pads
Brake fluid

Maintenance To Do at Home

TIP: Before you hit the road in spring and fall, get your vehicle ready.

1. Use a gauge to check tire pressure.

TIP: Tires can lose pressure in cold weather, gain in warm weather; look inside the driver’s door or in your owner’s manual for the correct setting for you vehicle.

2. Test tire tread by inserting an upside-down penny; If you can’t see Lincoln’s entire head, it may be time for new tires

Service Center Maintenance

1. Get oil changed.

TIP: Oil is graded for different weather conditions; make sure yours is right for your climate.

2. Ask a technician to test how much battery life is left.

3. Have tires rotated.

TIP: Front tires on 4-wheel- and front-wheel-drive vehicles can wear out twice as fast as rear tires.

4. Have filters checked.

TIP: Dirty filters can waste gas and cause engine to lose power.

TIP: Changing cabin filter could lessen seasonal allergies.

5. Have brakes checked; a technician can tell you how much longer pads should last.