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Front Door Re-Do

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Front Door Redo


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Tools & Materials

Pre-framed fiberglass door with sidelights
Measuring tape
Power drill
Wood screws
Wall-mounted mailbox
Exterior lanterns

Tips for a Front Door Re-Do

TIP: Create an inviting first impression by updating your front door.

1. Add pop of color or matching wood grain finish.

TIP: Fiberglass doors are low-maintenance and thermally efficient.

2. Measure before you shop.

TIP: Measure width and height of old door and round up to next full inch; this is size of replacement door you need.

TIP: Replacement doors come pre-hung and slide into opening.

3. To brighten dark foyer, get door with windows or sidelights.

TIP: Consider argon-filled, low-E glass to keep out solar heat in summer, keep in interior heat in winter.

TIP: Increase comfort levels with EnergyStar-rated unit.

4. Hang a wall-mounted mailbox.

5. Replace existing outdoor lights with lanterns.