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Floor Care Tips and How to Install Base Molding

Hosts Jay Baker and Scott Branscom give tips on floor care and show how to install base molding for laminate floors.

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moldings make floor come to life
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Step 1: Find the Studs

The moldings will make the floor come to life. There is a baseboard and transition molding. On the baseboard be sure and find the studs during nailing, or glue it.

Step 2: Install Pieces

Try to install pieces at long as possible, but for installing shorter pieces, use a miter saw and cut the molding to a 45-degree angle.

Step 3: Glue or Nail Baseboard

The baseboard is then glued or nailed into place. When nailing the baseboard, it is best to hit the wall studs. In most new homes, the studs are 16 inches on center. In older homes, they may be 24 inches on center.

glue or nail baseboard

Step 4: Cover the Marks

Use a furniture finishing stick on the nail holes and where the seams are to cover the marks up and give it a finished look.

cover the nail holes with finishing stick

Step 5: Clean the Floor

When cleaning the floor, look at the manufacturer's directions. They will recommend certain cleaning products.

Step 6: Clean up Water Spills

Remember that laminate floors means several layers of wood put together. Water can damage it severally. Any water that may be spilled on it needs to be cleaned up quickly. Try and avoid any moisture on these floors.

Step 7: Use Putty on Floor Damages

If you drop heavy objects on the floor and gouge it, take some putty and put it in with a putty knife and scrape it.