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Finishing Touches for a Modern Bedroom

A desk is transformed into a sleek, functional design element for a bedroom redesign.

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prime walls and apply top coat
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  • Price Range

    $50 - $100

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Step 1: Create a False Back for the Desk

To help hide the tangle of cords behind the desk, create a false back for the desk.

Cut a foam-core board to size and attach it to the back of the desk with double-stick tape. Strategically place cutouts in the board to allow electronic equipment cords to slide out of sight behind the desk.

Step 2: Put the Furnishings Back in Place

Finally, the furnishings are put back in the room and the curtain is hung to separate the sleeping area from the bath.

This stylish new room looks bigger and brighter and has a much more pulled-together, clean and modern look. Imagine: an entirely new look to the space , the total cost for this bedroom redesign - $150, the cost of the paint!