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Tools & Materials

Patterned molding
Miter box
Craft paint
Measuring tape
Finishing nails
Continuous roll of art paper
Double-sided foam tape
Hair dryer
Canvas board
Newspaper or cardboard box
Craft stick
Glitter, googly eyes, or other embellishments

Creating a Picture Frame

Tip: Keep your child creative with everyday art projects around the home.

Make wainscoting picture frame to decorate creative space.

Cut molding with interesting shape or pattern to make rectangle on wall.

Tip: Miter corners using handsaw and miter box.

Tip: Top rail should be 30 inches from floor.

Let child paint pieces and sprinkle glitter onto wet paint.

Tack pieces to wall with finishing nails.

Cut piece of continuous art paper to fit inside rectangle and stick to wall with double-sided foam tape.

Let child draw crayon mural.

Melting Crayons

Melt crayons for artwork above mural.

Set canvas board in cardboard box or on newspaper and lean against wall or other sturdy object at slight angle.

Child attaches crayons to board with double-sided foam tape.

Adult melts crayons with hairdryer held 1 to 3 inches away.

Tip: Use painter’s tape to mask areas you don’t want wax on. Once wax has cooled, remove tape to reveal design. Or adult aims hairdryer at wax at different angles to create different flow patterns. Or Child breaks up crayons for unique effects; textures soft wax with craft stick; adds googly eyes, glitter, or other embellishments.