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Entertaining Kitchen: The Island

A kitchen island receives a paint treatment that makes it the focus of the room. Learn how to paint your own kitchen island.

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    $50 - $100

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Step 1: Prepare the Top and Base of the Island

The top of the island is taped off prior to sanding. The island base is sanded and wiped clean of dust, creating a smooth, paintable surface.

sand and wipe clean island base

Step 2: Apply the Paint Mixture

One part Stone Brown paint is mixed with 2 to 3 parts clear glaze, brushed on the base and smoothed out with paper towels. Use clean sections of toweling for each painted area and move the towels in a circular pattern as you work the glaze into the wood grain. When the glaze is dry, a coat of clear varnish is applied to protect the wood finish.

move towels in circular pattern to apply glaze

Step 3: Paint the Pantry Shelves

The pantry shelves are taken outside and painted Stone Brown; the semi-gloss paint finish won't require a protective top coat of varnish. When the paint is dry, Metallic Green Gold paint is brushed over the shelves and, while it's still wet, steel wool is dragged over the paint, creating a textured surface.

steel wool is dragged over wet paint for texture