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Edge-Gluing Clamps

Edge clamps act as an accessory to clamps. You can purchase them, or make them at home by following these steps.

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edge clamps act as an accessory to clamps

Step 1: Cut the Red Oak into Strips

Cut the red oak into eight strips, each measuring 1 1/2" by 24", using a table saw. Guide the wood through the blade with a push stick.

cut red oak into eight strips

Step 2: Cut the White Oak into Squares

Cut the 6" piece of 2" by 2" white oak into 12 small squares. The thickness of the squares is determined by the size of the carriage bolt.

cut white oak into squares

Step 3: Glue Three Squares to Each of Four Strips

Glue three small squares of white oak to one red-oak strip--one square in the middle, and one on either end. Repeat the process for three more strips of red oak and the remaining nine squares of white oak. Let the glue dry.

glue three squares to each of four strips

Step 4: Glue the Other Four Strips to the Other Sides of the Squares

Glue the remaining four strips of red oak to the tops of the squares glued to the first four strips. Allow time for the glue to dry.

glue remaining strips of red oak to top of squares

Step 5: Round off the Edges

Use a disc sander to round off the edges of the red oak.

use disc sander to round off edges of red oak

Step 6: Try it Out

To use the jig, place two of the wood strips underneath the work pieces, on either side. Place the other two wood strips directly above the bottom strips, on top of the work pieces. Insert carriage bolts and wing nuts through the slots between white oak squares. The carriage bolts should be positioned at the ends of the work pieces. Tighten the nuts to hold the pieces together.

tighten nuts to hold pieces together