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Tools & Materials

Point-to-point laser level
Estimating app
Neon circuit tester
Robot floor vacuum
Robot gutter cleaner
Safety glasses

The Right Tools

Tip: Doing it yourself can be easy if you have the right tools.

Instead of measuring and marking, use point-to-point laser to lay tile.

Tip: Shoot out perpendicular grid of light, then place tiles along lines.

For quick and accurate figuring of square footage, materials, and costs, use estimating app on your smart phone.

Tip: Break down your project into stages and cost out each one; that way, you won't feel over whelmed.

Testing for Current

Use neon tester to check electrical outlets for live current.

Tip: If there's light, there's voltage; no light, no voltage.

A Robot for Cleaning

Use gutter robot to clean gutters.

Position ladder at one end of gutter.

Tip: Wear safety glasses.

Tip: Clip robot to belt to free both hands for climbing ladder.

Use remote control to guide robot down gutter.

Tip: Change spin direction of auger to move robot backwards and forwards.

Use robot floor vacuum for routine pick up of pet hair and dust.

Tip: HEPA filter will trap fine particles.