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Door-Mounted Spice Rack

This DIY Basic will provide tips on building a door-mounted spice rack.

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Spice Rack

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Gather Your Materials and Tools

A door-mounted spice rack makes it easy to keep track of all your seasonings. First, gather your materials and tools.

Materials and Tools:

measuring tape
circular saw
jig saw
1x4 & 1x3 lumber
power drill with wood bits
1-inch brad nails
3d finish nails
wood glue
construction adhesive
nail set
5/16-inch dowels

Take Measurements and Make Cuts

Start by measuring inside of door. Rack should have 1-inch clearance on all sides.

Cut sides out of 1x4s; shelves out of 1x3s.

Tip: Measure seasonings and size rack to hold them.

Sand and Paint

Drill holes in sides for dowels.

Sand all edges and surfaces until smooth.

Paint or seal all pieces, tops, bottoms and edges.

Attach the Shelves and Install the Dowels

Using wood glue and finish nails, attach bottom and top shelves to sides.

Pin dowels in place with 1-inch brad nails. Use nail set to sink all nail heads.

Touch up paint or sealant.

Hang the Rack

Hanging the rack will be easier if you remove the door. For extra security, apply construction adhesive before you hang the rack.

Clamp rack in place.

Countersink nails every 8 inches.

Re-hang door.

Tip: For easy access, fill the top shelf with seasonings you use the most.