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Tools & Materials

Clear, plastic indoor safety glasses
Polarized, tinted outdoor safety glasses
Ear canal plugs
Safety muffs
Leather or heavy rubber gloves
Gloves with gripping material on fingers
Heavy-duty hand cream
Non-skid work boots
Steel-toed work boots

Tips for Protecting Your Body

1. To protect your body during DIY projects remember PET: Protect Every Part.

2. When using tools and chemicals, cover your eyes with clear, plastic safety glasses indoors; polarized, tinted safety glasses outdoors.

TIP: Sides of face should be covered, also.

3. Protect ears with ear canal plugs and safety muffs.

TIP: Noise over 75 decibels (the sound of a leaf blower) can damage hearing; chainsaws and sanders can reach 100 decibels.

4. To see if small engine is hot, hold back of hand a few inches away.

5. Read all chemical labels and wear right kind of gloves when using them.

TIP Leather and heavy rubber gloves give best protection; gloves with gripping material on fingers make it easy to handle objects.

6. Restore dry, cracked skin with heavy-duty hand cream.

7. To protect feet, wear sturdy, non-skid work boots; when working with heavy materials and machinery, wear steel-toed boots.

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