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Decorating the 5th Wall

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Tools & Materials

Ceiling paint
Paint tray
Paint roller
Painter’s tape
Drop cloth
Crown molding
Miter saw and box
Nail gun
1 ¼-inch brads
Ceiling medallion

Tips for Decorating the 5th Wall

For beauty and quality, decorate the 5th wall or ceiling.

Paint the Ceiling

Paint the ceiling a few shades lighter than walls.

TIP: Use flat paint for an elegant look with glossy white on the crown molding.

TIP: To make walls appear taller, extend wall paint onto ceiling and offset molding.

Install Crown Molding

TIP: For 10-foot ceilings or higher, allow 1 inch of molding per foot; 5-inch molding looks good with an 8-foot ceiling.

TIP: Combine two types of molding for custom look.

TIP: Order samples so you can see what molding looks like in place.

TIP: Use miter saw to cut molding.

TIP: Buy precut corners.

Add Medallion and Lighting

Hang ceiling medallion and new chandelier.

TIP: The taller the ceiling the larger the medallion can be.

TIP: Pair an ornate medallion with a plainer molding.