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Creating an Entry Wall

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Tools & Materials

Measuring tape
Interior paint
Calendar or wall clock
Press-on hooks
Press-on pocket

Getting Started

Tip: An entry storage wall is great for keeping up with family stuff.

Put it next to the most-used entry door.

Take off doors of nearby closet or dedicate adjoining wall.

Tip: Storage area should be at least 4 by 8 feet, larger if you have a big family.

Paint the Wall

Paint area an eye-catching color and frame it with another color.

Tip: Let paint dry for 7 days before attaching press-on hangers.

Add to the Wall

Anchor area with large calendar or wall clock.

Hang heavier hooks for heavy items like coats; lighter hooks for car keys.

Tip: Use removable hooks easy to attach and move.

Install removable caddies for cell phones.

Identify different areas of hooks with graphics: monograms or words or phrases..

Tip: Create a family photo wall with photos and hooks.

Add a bench for heavier items.