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Creating a Sports Wall

Learn how to show off your favorite sports memorabilia.

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Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:

sports memorabilia
laser level with wall attachment
nails and hangers
tack hammer

Organize Items

The best way to hang sports memorabilia on a wall is to separate it into categories. You can group items by type, like bats or pennants, or arrange them by sport or team.

Experiment with patterns on the floor. Find visual anchor, something large or dramatic to catch eye, then organize groups around it. Try to keep spacing and angles uniform.

Level Items on the Wall

To make leveling easier on wall, use laser level. Level that attaches to wall will be easiest to use. Find level that doesn't leave marks on wall.

Run horizontal beam of light across wall.

Tip: Framed pieces are easy to align with beam; to stack or stagger them, move level up or down. To level odd-shaped items, line up outermost points with beam of light: e.g., top of arc or tip of handle.

To showcase a special piece, display it alone on a small shelf. Remove level from base and set it on top of shelf to level it.