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Creating a New Garden

This DIY Basic will provide tips on creating a new garden.

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Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:

shrubs, ornamental grass, flowers
garden tractor with backhoe, tiller and front loader attachments
soil tester
posthole digger
garden soil
soil amendments
garden fabric
garden hose
heavy rope
landscape chalk spray

Choose a Location

Creating a new garden is easy if you have the right equipment.

Start by choosing a location. Garden should be as open and level as possible; do not place it on a steep slope or in a low-lying area.

Read planting suggestions for what you want to plant and figure in enough space for plants to grow.

Use garden hose or rope to experiment with shape. When you're happy with location and shape, spray borders with landscape chalk spray.

Till the Soil

Cut down small trees or shrubs in garden area. Use tractor with backhoe attachment to remove stumps.

Use tiller attachment to loosen soil and dig up grass, and rake out as much grass as possible.

Use backhoe attachment to loosen and remove rocks and roots. Haul away unusable dirt, rocks, roots, stumps, etc. with front loader.

Test soil and amend as necessary.

Till soil again to mix and aerate.

Plant the Garden

Anchor design with large rocks.

Small groups of like plants create a more pleasing pattern than plants scattered singly. Keep in mind texture and color as you place flowers and shrubs.

If planting potted plants, arrange them across bed until you're happy with configuration. If planting vegetables and seeds, place them far enough apart for expansion and easy access.

Finish garden with natural border of plants like hostas or pachysandra.