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Creating a Home Spa

This DIY Basic will provide tips on creating a home spa.

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Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:

safety goggles
screwdriver with magnetic tip
measuring tape
circular saw
wood screws
power drill
silicone sealant
carpenter's level
laser level

Install a New Showerhead

Treat yourself to spa luxury right in your own bathroom. For water savings and high performance, look for WaterSense certified products.

Start with a digitally controlled shower.

You might prefer to have a professional do the installation, but for a seasoned DIYer, it's very doable. You’ll need a standard 110 GFCI outlet.

Hot and cold water lines run into the valve via simple push connects; one line runs to the showerhead.

Brace the showerhead with 2x4 inserts between the studs. For added luxury, install an eco-performance rain showerhead.

Install a Digital Controller

Mount digital controller inside or outside shower stall for easy access.

Program temperature and water delivery for a customized shower every time.

Install a Tub Faucet and Matching Accessories

Install 90-degree Roman tub faucet.

Tip: To avoid future plumbing replacement, install model designed for upgrades and redesigns.

Install matching accessories such as tank lever, robe hooks, paper holder, towel bars and rings.