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Creating a Home Office

This DIY Basic will provide tips on how to create a home office.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Pick a Space and Update the Lighting

Getting your finances in order can be a struggle, but a home office can help organize everything.

Start by picking a quiet room or space. Window treatments can control the natural light in the room, and overhead lights can be updated with track lighting to give more directional light.

Adjustable hanging light fixtures will save desk space and allow customizable work lighting.

Step 3: Build an Inexpensive Desk

Two file cabinets and a prefab countertop make a quick and inexpensive desk.

The countertop will need to be finished off with an end cap piece.

A buildup piece is nailed on, then edging is applied using an iron to heat up the adhesive.

For a smooth finish, the edge needs to be filed down.

Step 4: Add the Finishing Touches

Consider installing shelving on the wall, which can hold office supplies.

Roll out a chair mat on the floor to make working at your desk a little easier.

You may also consider adding surge-protected electrical outlets or plug-in surge protectors to protect electronics from damaging power surges.

In your organized home office, you can tackle your finances with confidence.

Tip: A flat-screen TV attached to the wall gives quick access to financial news.

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