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Create a Solar Powered Shed

Install a solar panel on your workshop to power your tools.

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  • 14-gauge electrical cable
  • rubber butyl sealant
  • silicone caulk
  • 55-watt solar panel
  • mounting hardware kit
  • DC inverter
  • 100-amp battery
  • premounted charge controller
  • heavy-duty DC fuse
  • heavy-duty welding cable
  • overhead light fixture
  • timer switch
  • junction box
  • 2" lag screws


  • measuring tape
  • drill
  • drill bits
  • wire cutter
  • socket wrench
  • screwdriver
  • solar pathfinder



  • Solar inverter, converters and charge controllers (SW Series solar installation guides, battery specs for model 2580NC and PV series) from Xantrex
  • Solar battery 100-AH (amp hour) deep-cycle sealed battery from Concorde Battery Corporation