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Building a Paver Patio (page 2 of 2)

Ground your outdoor entertainment area with a solid stone patio.

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Finish the Base

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With the gravel base compacted, install galvanized steel edging around the perimeter of the base (images 1 and 2). This edging marks the outside of the 11-foot square to be filled by the pavers. Edging is also available in plastic or aluminum.

The final base material is a one-inch layer of sand.

Spread the sand over the gravel base to a depth of one inch. Screed the sand with a 2x4 using a pair of 1-inch PVC pipe and a depth guide (image 3). You can create similar guides by sawing wood into long, 1-inch thick strips. Then remove the guides and fill in the remaining sand.

Lay the Pavers

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With a firm, flat base prepared, you're ready for the pavers. Start in the corner, setting each paver into the sand by tapping it lightly with a rubber mallet (image 1).

Using the set pavers as stepping stones. Fill in a small area then check with a level to make sure they are even. Remember, you want a slight slope for drainage. Make adjustments with the rubber mallet (image 2).

If a paver is too low, remove it, add sand and reset. Following the pattern you dry laid earlier, it won't take much time to finish setting the pavers.

Fill the Joints

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Now that the pavers are set in the base, use a push broom to fill in the joints with a fine layer of sand (image 1). Sweep off the excess sand from the patio surface.

To pack the sand into the joints, spray the patio with water from a garden hose (image 2).

When the patio has dried completely you may need to fill in certain joints with more sand.

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