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Building a Grill Island

This DIY Basic will provide tips on building a grill island.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:

safety goggles
carpenter’s level
carpenter’s square
measuring tape
power drill and bits
circular saw
metal-cutting blade
tile cutter
notched trowel
striking tool
3/8-inch steel studs
steel channels
self-drilling metal screws
1/4- and 1/2-inch cement board
cement board screws
exterior tiles
sanded grout
tile spacers
grout float
tile sealer
metal shelving with adjustable tracks

Step 3: Design the Island

For safety, build island out of steel studs, cement board, manufactured stone, exterior tile and metal shelving.

Start by matching island height and width to height and width of grill.

Tip: Leave rectangular opening inside back of island to hold grill or make island L-shaped and place grill in one corner.

Allow 2 inches clearance for wheeling grill in and out of rectangular island. Include at least 26 inches of countertop.

To avoid cutting partial tiles, size the countertop to fit whole tiles. Remember to include 1/4 inch for every grout joint.

Step 4: Assemble and Secure the Frame

Using circular saw with metal-cutting blade, cut steel studs to size. Always wear safety goggles when cutting metal.

Assemble frame by slipping vertical studs into horizontal U-shaped channels in top and bottom.

Secure frame with self-drilling, stainless steel screws.

Step 5: Cut and Secure the Cement Board

Measure frame and cut 1/4-inch cement board for sides and ½-inch cement board for top.

Tip: Cement board can be scored and snapped.

Secure cement board to sides and top with cement screws.

Step 6: Attach the Stones and Lay the Tiles

Use mortar to attach manufactured stone to sides.

Lay tile on top. Tile should overlap frame by 1/2 inch.

With notched trowel, spread mortar on top and set tile. For uniform joints, use spacers between tiles.

When mortar has set, use grout float to fill joints with grout.

When grout is dry, seal with exterior sealer.

Attach adjustable metal tracks inside island and insert shelves. For even more safety, place grill island at least 24 inches away from combustible material.