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Build a Custom Roll-Out Drawer Cabinet

Create more storage in your bathroom with this easy-to-construct cabinet.

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Step 1: Mark Dimensions of Cabinet

Take the sheet of plywood and measure out and mark the three sides of your cabinet. Be sure to make the back of the cabinet 2” wider than the drawers to ensure they will fit.

Step 2: Cut Plywood to Height

Cut out the sides with a circular saw to cut the height. Use two people for this step: one to saw and one to hold the other side of the wood to prevent bending it and pinching the blade while cutting.

Step 3: Cut Plywood to Width

Use a table saw to cut the depth of the pieces, once again using two people: one on each side of the plywood to keep it level while cutting.

Step 4: Build Cabinet Frame

Once all pieces are cut to size, apply wood glue on the edges and set the sides into place on the back-side of the cabinet (Image 1). Secure with nails (Image 2). This will be your cabinet frame.

Step 5: Add Plywood Strips to Frame

Because the frame is only 1” thick, you will need to fur out the sides to make them thick enough for the screws to secure the drawer glides. Measure where you would like each drawer to go and mark with a pencil. Nail a small piece of plywood, the width of the glide, to the side of the cabinet frame. Repeat on both sides of the cabinet where each drawer will go.

Step 6: Secure Drawer Glides

Set each glide onto the extra piece of plywood you have attached and drill secure to the frame. Once all glides are in place, you can slide your custom drawers right into place.

TIP: Custom order roll-out drawers to the desired size so they will easily fit into your cabinet.

Step 7: Attach Face Frame

To cover up the edge of the plywood, glue the 1” x 1” boards to the front of the cabinet and glue the 1” x 4” boards to the top and bottom. This will create your face frame. Secure with nails.

Step 8: Finish Cabinet

If desired, attach doors to conceal the drawers. Paint desired color and install in bathroom.

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