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Brighten Your Bedroom

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Brighten Your Bedroom

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Tools & Materials

Paint tray
Drop cloth
Circuit tester
Tape measure
Pliers with rubber-coated handles
Heavy-weight ceiling junction box
Mounting strap
Bedroom furniture & accessories

Paint the Walls

TIP: Simple contrasts of light and dark can brighten the look of a bedroom.

1. Start by painting one accent wall lighter than other walls.

TIP: For perfect blend of shades, have your paint store lighten existing wall color by ½ or ¾ .

TIP: Woodwork and ceiling should be lighter than accent wall.

Add Window Treatments

1. To brighten windows, opt for simple Venetian blinds.

TIP: For seamless look, match color of blinds to color of woodwork.

Update Light Fixtures

TIP: Focus design with large, brightly lit chandelier in center of room.

1. Turn off power at breaker and mark with DO NOT TURN BACK ON sign.

TIP: Use circuit tester to make sure power is off to old fixture.

2. Remove old fixture.

TIP: ID wires with masking tape as you disconnect them.

3. Install new, heavy-duty junction box.

4. Attach new hardware to mounting strap.

5. Screw mounting strap to new junction box.

TIP: Remove chandelier shades and light bulbs during installation.

6. Wire new fixture like old fixture was wired.

TIP: Connect matching wire colors: white to white, black to black.

TIP: Remove ½-inch of insulation from new wires before attaching them.

7. Secure canopy to ceiling.

8. Replace shades and light bulbs.

9. Restore power.

Add Furniture and Accessories

TIP: Use new furniture to further dark-light contrast.

TIP: A dark bed will make light bedding and pillows stand out.

TIP: Place darker dresser or chest of drawers against lighter wall.

TIP: Bring in light tones with accessories such as lamps and area rugs.

TIP: Photos or pictures famed under glass reflect light and brighten interior wall or corner.

1. Finally, hang large mirror on accent wall.