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Bathroom Fan/Vent and Light Installation

DIY host Amy Matthews helps homeowners install a new bathroom fan.

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installing new bathroom light with fan

Step 1: Turn the Power Off

Turn off your power at the breaker. Then, remove the existing light fixture.

remove existing light fixture

Step 2: Mark a Point in the Ceiling

From the attic, find a safe location, away from the joists and any wiring or pipes. Jab a screwdriver down through the ceiling to the center of your location. Do that in two spots about a 1' apart along the joist to have a reference point.

mark point in ceiling for reference point

Step 3: Mark the Area to be Cut

In the bathroom, use a level to draw a line connecting the two holes to mark the joist location (Image 1).

Mark the area to be cut out using the vent as a template (Image 2).

Step 4: Cut an Opening

Score the lines with a utility knife to prevent the plaster from cracking, then cut out the opening with a reciprocating saw.

cut out opening with reciprocating saw

Step 5: Screw in the Fan Housing

Up in the attic, set the fan housing in place and screw it to the joists.

set fan housing in place and secure

Step 6: Connect the Wires to the Fan and Light

Connect the supply wires to both the fan housing and the light. First the ground wires, then the white common wires and finally the black and red supply wires.

Plug the light into its outlet and connect the rest of the globe.

connect supply wires to both fan housing and light

Step 7: Finish the Connections and Attach the Fixture

A double switch will run the fan and the light. Be sure to connect the red wire to the switch you want to control the fan. Attach the flexible duct to the vent and the housing adapter.

Attach the fixture. After a little ceiling repair, the installation is complete.

plug light into outlet and connect rest of globe

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