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Bamboo Flooring 101

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Tools & Materials

Bamboo flooring
Bamboo nailer or glue
Flooring nails or cleats
Chalk line

Facts about Bamboo Flooring

TIP: Bamboo is a form of giant grass that matures in five years and doesn’t need replanting.

Bamboo flooring is usually less expensive than hardwoods like oak, maple, or hickory and is just as hard.

There are two basic types of bamboo boards: solid bamboo is made of strips pressed together; engineered is thin layers glued to other woods and tends to be stronger than solid.

Both types come in three styles: horizontal bamboo is strips layered with glue for knuckled look of bamboo grass; vertical is glued strips turned on side for linear look; woven is fiber strands compressed without glue to form exotic patterns.

TIP: Horizontal and vertical bamboo are more traditional, while strand bamboo offers a greater variety of colors.

TIP: Bamboo’s insect- and water-resistance makes it good choice for basement or kitchen.

Install bamboo as you would hardwood.

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