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Backsplash Makeover

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Tools & Materials

Wire nuts
Electrical box cover plates
Glass tiles
White thin set
Grout and grout color
Power drill
Wood screws
Under-cabinet electrical raceway system
Cradle for cell phone and tablet

Getting Started

TIP: Here’s an easy way to change the look of your kitchen: install a glass tile backsplash.

Get ride of clutter on countertop and wall: all appliances, all switch plates, all electrical outlets.

Have an electrician remove all wires.

Drywall patch over empty electrical boxes.


Install glass tile on backsplash.

TIP: Make a template of the wall so you can dry fit the tiles with a minimum of cuts.

Apply thin set and press tile onto wall.

TIP: Adhesive will show through glass tiles so use only white mastic.

Let dry and apply grout.

Wrapping Up

Mount an electrical track system under upper cabinets.

TIP: Countersink screws inside cabinets for smooth surface.

TIP: Have an electrician hardwire the system.

Hang LED lights, USB charging ports, appliances, and/or a music system anywhere along raceway.

TIP: Move raceway outlets to wherever you need them.

Attach cradles for cells and tablets.

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