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Assembling Kitchen Cabinets

This DIY Basic will provide tips on assembling kitchen cabinets.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Assemble the Cabinets

New kitchen cabinets frequently come unassembled. To assemble a base cabinet, start by placing face frame face-down on flat, soft surface.

Insert right and left side panels into grooves of face frame. Align cam lock connections. Lock cam with screwdriver by turning screw 180 degrees clockwise.

Spread side panels and insert bottom panel into grooves, then align and lock each cam. Bottom panel should touch face frame.

Using round-head screws, install rail holders on back panel. Openings of holders should face each other.

Place back panel at rear of side panels and align and lock each cam.

Step 3: Install the Toe Kick and Drawers

Install toe kick by locking cams at both ends.

Insert shelf clips into holes on side panels and slide in shelves.

Insert back end of drawer side rails into holder on back panel.

Secure front end of drawer rails with 3/8-inch screws.

Pre-drill holes in face frame for drawer rail screws.

Place drawer face face-down on work surface. Align two drawer sides and lock cam.

Slide drawer bottom into grooves on sides of drawers. Insert drawer back and lock cam.

Place corner braces on top corners of cabinet and secure with 1/2-inch screws.

Slide drawers into rail and adjust rail location if necessary.

Step 4: Mark Level and Position the Cabinets

Connect corner braces to countertop with 2-inch screws.

Start cabinet installation in corner.

Find high spot on floor and mark level line on wall.

Align cabinet with level line, using shims if necessary.

Step 5: Install the Cabinets

Screw cabinet into wall studs.

Join remaining cabinets side by side by screwing them together.

Tip: Pre-drill holes in face frame to prevent wood from splitting.