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Annual Home Maintenance Tips

To keep your home in good shape, perform maintenance work throughout the year.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Patch Cracks in the Foundation

A minor crack in the foundation is okay, but for anything more substantial grab a caulk gun and patch up those cracks. If caught early, a minor crack could cost $400 to $800 to repair. But unchecked, replacing the foundation wall could cost $10,000. You may also need to replace the caulk on house siding. For this, a carpet knife can remove the old caulk.

Siding tends to soak up mold and mildew, so pressure wash, spraying from bottom to top to clean then rinse from top to bottom up. Rid gutters of dried leaves. Clear around your deck where water can get trapped and rot wood. Get the gunk between the deck floorboards with a screw driver and then seal away.

Step 3: Check Doors and Windows for Leaks

A great tip for your garage door is to spray the hinges and springs with kitchen oil to keep it well lubricated. Car wax works great when it comes to keeping the garage door free of dirt. Recycled newspapers can wipe down dirty windows. After you deal with the grime, don’t let leaks off the hook. Check around windows and doors.

Step 4: Unblock the Air Conditioner

Finally, forks aren’t just for eating! They can also unblock air flow of the air conditioning system. In cold climate locations, drain your outside faucets in the fall. A full refrigerator used less energy than an empty one. As a homeowner, you can plan to spend 1-3 percent of your home’s value on annual maintenance and repair. Spring is the perfect springboard to get those repairs done.