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A Bookcase Gets a Facelift

A bookcase gets a facelift using semigloss Onyx paint and black gesso.

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bookcase gets a facelift
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Step 1: Sand the Bookcase and Apply Black Gesso

Sand the bookcase, using circular motions, to remove the surface coat.

After the bookcase has been dusted to remove any dust residue, use black gesso (used to prepare artist canvas) to prime the surface of the bookcase. The black gesso is thick and helps to create a richer look on the surface of the wood.

Step 2: Apply the Semigloss Onyx Paint

When the primer has dried completely, apply semigloss Onyx paint to the surface of the shelves.

Benjamin Moore semigloss paint #2133-10 (Onyx)

Step 3: Apply the Wythe Blue Paint

When the paint is dry, paint a light coat of Wythe Blue over the back panel of the bookshelf; for a fresh, updated look, allow some of the original black paint to show through the blue paint.

Benjamin Moore paint #HC-143 (Wythe Blue)

bookcase gets a facelift