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How to Build a 3-Tier, Lazy Susan Cutting Board (page 2 of 2)

A tri-level pedestal is a festive way to serve appetizers and desserts. The cherry-wood pedestal could also work as a cutting board, and the addition of lazy Susan hardware lets each level spin individualy.

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Position Pillars

Mark diagonal lines on both ends of the pillars. The intersecting point is the center.

Drill pilot holes for 1/2-inch washer head screws centered on one end and pilot holes for 1-1/2-inch wood screws centered on the other end (image 1).

Use the center point on the platforms as a guide for marking the placement for the lazy Susan bearings. Center the 4-inch bearing on the 9-inch platform, the 6-inch bearing on the 12-inch platform, and the 12-inch bearing on the 15-inch platform. Mark the position of the screw holes and drill pilot holes for the 1/2-inch screws.

On the 1/2-inch pilot hole end of four pillars, position the opposite side of the 4-inch bearing from what was marked on the 9-inch platform to line up the screw holes, and attach using 1/2-inch screws (image 2).

Measure the width and depth of the outer edge of the pillars where they are attached to the bearing. Mark a square matching this dimension centered on the 12-inch platform. Position the pillars in this square, align them with the corners, and mark the outline of the pillars on the platform (image 3).

Attach Pillars

Mark diagonal lines across the outline of the pillars – the intersection point is the center. Drill countersunk pilot holes for the 1-1/2-inch screws in the center point (image 1). Be sure the long point of the bit (not the countersink part) goes through fully.

Position the 4-inch bearing on the 9-inch platform, align the screw holes with the pilot holes, and attach with the 1/2-inch screws (image 2).

Drive the 1-1/2-inch screws through the countersunk holes in the 12-inch platform so that about 1/4-inch of the screws show. Position the pillars attached to the 9-inch platform on these screws (image 3).

Drive the 1-1/2-inch screws into the pillars until they are snug against the 12-inch platform (image 4).

Repeat these steps for attaching the 6-inch Lazy Susan bearing to the 12-inch platform and the remaining four pillars to the bearing and the 15-inch platform. Center the 12-inch lazy Susan bearing on the bottom of the 15-inch Platform. Attach self-adhesive rubber pads to the bottom of the 12-inch bearing.

Add Finishing Touches

Place painter's tape around the perimeter of the pillars. Apply stain to the pillars, allow to dry and apply polyurethane per the manufacturer's directions.

Apply butcher block oil to the platforms and allow to dry per the manufacturer's directions.

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