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4 Hot Outdoor Trends

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4 Hot Outdoor Trends

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Tools & Materials

Measuring tape
Power drill
Shoring posts
Plastic grids
Concrete pavers
Concrete wall blocks
Outdoor cushions and pillows

Create a Gathering Spot

TIP: Expand your outdoor living space with these hot trends.

1. Retrofit an old wood deck with concrete slabs.

TIP: Plan on 5 square feet per person and at least 6 square feet for a dining table and chairs.

TIP: Deck should slope away from house at least 3/16 inch per running foot.

2. Reinforce structure with shoring posts and beams.

3. Screw in heavy plastic grids.

4. Roll on underlayment.

5. Install concrete slabs.

TIP: Uniform shape and size means slabs can be installed without mortar.

6. Sweep sand into joints.

Build a Fireplace or Fire Pit

1. Add outdoor fireplace built with modular insert.

TIP: Face it with concrete pavers the color of stone.

2. Add fire pit made of dry-stacked concrete wall blocks.

Create a Water Feature

1. Build fountain or waterfall using pond pump to circulate water.

TIP: With circulating water, you don’t need plumbing.

Add Seating

1. For plenty of seating, add concrete wall bench.

TIP: Bottom can be dry-stacked wall blocks; top can be smooth concrete slabs; no mortar required.

TIP: Soften with outdoor cushions and pillows.