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Workbench Accessories

Aime Fraser, author of Your First Workshop, shares some pointers on accessorizing a workbench.

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accessorizing a workbench

Casters on this workbench create mobility. The flexible height allows the user to set the bench at a comfortable height for various applications.

A pattern maker's vise turns 360 degrees and tilts up to 90 degrees so work can be positioned upside down or sideways. Between the two adjustments, a work piece can be held at practically any angle. Another feature of the vise is an adjustment that allows it to hold wedges.

A Bird's mouth can be an inexpensive alternative to a vise. Use two to hold a work piece in place, then, clamp them down to the bench to prevent shifting.

A bench hook is a simple tool with two wood stops. One stop hangs over the lip of the workbench. The other serves as a sacrificial stop for the piece.

Bench dogs hold items in place for woodworking. They fit into holes drilled into the workbench. Use a jig to maintain spacing between the holes when drilling for bench dogs. The jig will keep the holes perpendicular.