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Wire Tracer

A multi-purpose wire tracer will help a DIYer figure out which wire is connected to which outlet.

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multi purpose wire tracer is a must for DIYer

Connect one end to the outlet wires using alligator clips. The light will blink, indicating that the tool is sending a signal. Take the probe to the breaker box to trace the signal through the wires. Then, push the button on the probe. When the probe gets close to the correct wire, the probe will light and beep.

This tool also works with coaxial cables for TV, phone and data lines for computers.

Another cool tool is a pair of wire strippers, which are very handy when doing electrical work. Just slide the wire into the tools nook, then open the handle slightly until the tool connects with the wire. Then, pull the handles all the way down and the rubber-like covering will come right off to expose the wire.