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Wet-Saw Basics

The wet saw is invaluable for cutting tile. Use this guide to learn how the saw can make various cuts.

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wet saw is invaluable for cutting tile

Wet saws have a water-filled trough that throw water over the tile as it's being cut, preventing the tile and the tool from overheating. Wet saws are expensive, but they can be rented for about $50 a day.

Always wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying chips of tile when using a wet saw. Before using a wet saw, pour water into the trough. The water level must be above the pump. Set the tile on the tray with the line to be cut aligned with the center slot on the tray. Push the tile and tray through the blade.

Attachments to the wet saw's table allow it to make bevels and other angled cuts. To cut a bevel, rest the tile on a bevel guide as it's sent through the saw blade. To cut tile at an angle, attach the angle guide to the table and adjust it as desired. Align the tile with the angle guide before sending it through the blade.

The wet saw can also cut curves on tile, such as an opening for a pipe. The process is easy but dangerous, as the user's hands are close to the blade. This technique should be attempted only by those skilled in the use of a wet saw.