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Vintage vs. Modern Tools

See how tool materials and designs have changed over the years as experts compare tape measures, squares, bevels and more.

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traditional hand saw is flexible,strong and sharp
Photo 6 of 6Traditional hand saws were flexible, yet strong and sharp.

Hand Saws(6 of 6)

In the center of this example is a traditional American Disston hand saw. Disston developed a steel process that made saw blades flexible, yet tough and sharp. The other two saws are modern tool box saws. The yellow-handles saw has aggressive, Japanese-style saw blade. The other saw is coated with Teflon to make it glide more easily in the kerf.

A traditional hammer handmade by its original user, has a wrought iron hammer head and a nail-pulling claw. The modern versions have different features. One is made from titanium. Another has two interchangeable striking heads: one with a waffle face, the other with a smooth face. Yet another modern hammer has a built-in tuning fork in the handle that absorbs vibration. And, one is bent to ergonomically suit a right-handed user. Left-handed models are also available.



  • Titanium hammer from Stiletto