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Using a Tile Wet Saw

A tile wet saw is a faster, easier way to cut tile. It features a diamond cutting blade and makes quick work of cutting tiles.

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using a tile wet saw

A manual tile cutter can be tedious when working with a larger quantity of tile. The manual model has a round cutter that rolls along the tile, scoring it as you push the handle downward. The kickstand pops up and pops the tile in two pieces as you apply pressure.

A motorized wet saw, however, features a diamond cutting blade and makes quick work of cutting tiles. The blade remains stationary as the tile moves through — but the blade must stay wet. Because of this, a water pump pulls water from a reservoir and sends into across the blade before the water is recycled.

A motorized wet saw uses a diamond-cutting blade. The blade stays stationary while you move the tile through it. The blade needs to stay wet throughout the process. A water pump pulls water from the water pond below the blade and sends it across the blade. The water falls back into the pond and is recycled. The pond must be cleaned every so often to keep the system from becoming clogged. A carriage system moves the tile past the blade. It can be adjusted to fit the size of the tile.

Making a Diagonal Cut

  • Use a china marker to mark a line on the tile to indicate where the cut should be made (the china marker is waterproof). Align the mark with the carriage mark and brace the tile before making your cut.

  • To make corner cuts, first remove the guide to allow for flexibility. Make the cut in one direction, then turn the tile and cut the other side. Then snap the piece out. Clean up any leftover pieces with some nippers.