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Using a Crosscut Jig

A table saw doesn't offer enough table space to support large sheets of plywood during a cut. Check out these tips for adding a crosscut table in order to cut large pieces of plywood.

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add a crosscut table to cut large pieces of wood

  • When installing the sliding crosscut jig, first remove the left wing of the table on the saw, following manufacturer’s instructions. (Even though you lose 10" of table, you gain 20" of capacity.)

  • Make a plywood crosscut table -- a sliding table that attaches to the table saw -- enabling large pieces to be cut.

  • The sliding table on the crosscut jig has an extra, extendable support arm that can act as a stop. The legs of the sliding table are adjustable to keep the table flat and operating smoothly.

  • Another tip for installing the sliding table: use a square to make sure that the fence is perpendicular to the saw blade.

  • The angle of the fence can be adjusted to create miter cuts. A flip stop on the fence allows repetitive cuts to be made easily. The fence can be removed when a rip cut needs to be made.