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Tips on Using Prying Tools

Prying tools come in all sizes and shapes and may be used for a variety of jobs, from removing brads to prying boards loose. Here are some tips on which tools work best for different tasks.

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offset ripping chisel is used with a hammer

The offset ripping chisel is used with a hammer to pry apart objects that are glued together. To use a ripping chisel, stick the curved end inside the joint of the two objects. Use a hammer to knock the curve of the chisel all the way inside the joint. Then pull the top shaft of the chisel to pry the two objects apart.

A wonderbar can be used to remove molding from a wall. First, use a utility knife to cut the paint seal between the top of the molding and the wall. Use a hammer to knock the curved end of the wonderbar into the joint. Then place a scrap block of wood between the wonderbar and the dry wall to protect the wall when the molding is removed.

Use a ripping chisel for prying nails. Place the head of the chisel around the nail and pull upward.

A nail claw may also be used for prying nails. Dig the heel of the claw into the wood to get enough leverage to pull out the nail.

The cat's paw has sharp claws on both ends for removing nails. Use one end to grab the head of a nail and pull upward.

For extracting brads or small nails, use a brad nail claw.