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Tips on Using Cutting Guides

Cutting along a long piece of wood can be difficult unless you have a great tool to assist you. Check out these guides that can make getting the perfect cut easy.

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plunge cut saw and mobile dust extractor is unique
Photo 3 of 3This tool may be expensive, but it has a number of unique features.

Plunge-Cut Saw and Mobile Dust Extractor(3 of 3)

This cutting guide is unique because it comes with its own saw and dust-collection system. Expensive (approximately $750 purchased together) and high-end, this unit has a number of great features:

  • It slides down into the wood so you can make a plunge cut.
  • It slides smoothly along its aluminum track.
  • The blade can pivot, which allows you to make up to a 45-degree bevel cut right at the edge of the guide.
  • It has a proprietary clamping system that holds the guide in place.