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Tips on Making Homemade Tools

When the right tool for the job can't be found, household items may be used. Carl Mueller, of Tools & Techniques, offers tips on how to make homemade toos.

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bench grinder turns screwdriver into sharp point

Use a bench grinder to turn an ordinary screwdriver into a sharp point for making shallow cuts or starting screws.

Recycle a broken hacksaw blade by attaching it to two small scraps of wood. Use glue or duct tape to secure the wood, and create a miniature saw.

To make a sharpening/sanding stone, wrap a piece of sandpaper around a block of wood and staple in place.

To magnetize a screwdriver, rub the shaft of the tool with a magnet.

A croquet mallet can act as a hammer for use with wood joints and wood chisels.