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Tips on Collecting Dust

Weekend Handyman host Paul Ryan offers tips on how to clean up dust.

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portable dust collection system draws in dust

If you could have done the sanding of your new floors outdoors, you wouldn't have to worry about dust collection, but unfortunately, dust is a problem when working inside.

Paul Ryan has a few great tips to help with collecting dust:

  • Dust Collection System -- This portable dust collection system is approximately $100, and it draws the dust particles away and sucks them into a filter bag that's inside the system. This is not for sawdust. It's for the dust particles that float in the air.
  • Disposable Jumpsuit -- If you want to contain the dust and keep it off your body, the way to go is with a disposable jumpsuit. It's elastic and has no pockets, which means the dust will cling to the suit. When you're done, take it off and wash it or dispose of it. It's lightweight, washable and inexpensive (approximately $4).
  • Homemade Remedy -- This last solution is simple. Take a shop vacuum and run its hose into a grocery box and create a funnel with a PVC reducer. Cut out a hole in the middle of the box, place the PVC into the hole and attach the hose and then suck all the dust away.